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Stop Baths

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In black and white film and paper processing, this is the second bath and acts to halt development quickly, thereby ensuring accurate timing of development, and also to prevent carry-over of developer into the fix. Especially important with paper development in dishes because, otherwise, the fixer will exhaust very quickly.
Ilford Ilfostop 500ml
For dilution 1:19. Odourless.
Kodak Indicator Stop bath 470ml
1:63 dilution!
Tetenal Acetic Acid 1L
Dilute 1:50
Tetenal Acetic Acid 5L
Dilute 1:50
Fotospeed SB50 Stop Bath 1L
Dilutes 1:19. Odourless.
Fotospeed SB50 Stop Bath 5L
Dilutes 1:19. Odourless.
Tetenal Indicet Stop Bath 1L
Dilutes 1:19