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The range of ILFOCHROME paper is a little read carefully:

SURFACE: High gloss only - this is one of the distinctive attributes of Ilfochrome.

CONTRAST: The paper is supplied in "Medium" contrast; OR in "Normal" contrast. Normal contrast is slightly higher contrast than Medium.The Medium contrast is aimed at the traditional darkroom worker, and the Normal at those who are also using digital exposure, but both contrast grades can be exposed traditionally or digitally. The Normal contrast is slightly more expensive.

BASE: ALL Ilfochrome paper has a super strong and rather special Polyester base (Melinex™ by DuPont). (Ilfochrome paper is NOT available on a regular resin coated base)

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ILFORD Intend to discontinue the ILFOCHROME product - As of March 2012, we do not know what will be available from the final coating run - Depending on stock avaialable, these products may or may not be subject to a 30% price increase on the prices shown.