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Galerie Digital Silver FB

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is a premium quality black and white photographic paper with a neutral image tone and Gloss surface. The light sensitive emulsion is coated onto a real baryta fibre base and the paper has been designed and made in Cheshire UK, using the latest Silver Halide light technology and is firmly aimed at commercial labs and other professional users who want to make real Fibre Based silver gelatin prints from digital files. The paper is especially suited to optical digital exposure systems such as those made by Durst, Océ, Pollielettronica, Fuji, and others. The paper must be treated the same as other FB papers after processing and should be washed archivally. This paper offers considerable improvements over the old Galerie FB Digital. GALERIE FB DIGITAL SILVER is an upgrade from ILFORD GALERIE FB DIGITAL and features a completely redesigned emulsion. The new emulsion offers significant improvements over the previous product. Namely:

• Better Dmax – Up to 2.3 OD
• Improved latent image characteristics post exposure
• Optimised sensitometric curve shape to improve ease of calibration and calibration accuracy
• Improved speed and better RGB sensitivity balance
• Better highlight / shadow detail as a result of more accurate calibrations
• More robust in Machine processing systems

Note: Not all processing systems will correctly transport and wash Fibre papers. Please contact us for further information.

This paper is available to special order only - please contact us.