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Fomatone 'Chamois' FB 542

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Fomatone 'Chamois' 542 is a variable contrast, fibre based paper on a heavy weight base featuring the Fomatone, warmtone, emulsion and a fantastic surface finish, unlike anything else on the market. Sister paper to 'Nature' 532, the surface is a matt, but not a dead matt: there is still a degree of reflectance and faint texture. As the name suggests this paper features a strong base tint which makes for very warm tone prints, and creamy highlights. It could be seen as an alternative to the old Kentmere Art Classic, or some of the other more exotic, now discontinued, papers from other manufacturers. This is a paper which is almost infinitely flexible and photographers can indulge themselves over and over again experimenting with different developer / dilution combinations. Fomatone 542 also Liths well. Not the cheapest, but given it's endless flexibility, and being one of the most unique papers on the market today, it's certainly very good value indeed.

PLEASE NOTE: Foma have now discontinued this particular paper, we suspect because of its very niche appeal and slow moving stock levels.