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Fine Grain

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'Fine Grain' is the most common classification for B&W film developers, with some also being categorised as speed increasing (eg. T-max developer). Kodak D76 and Ilford ID11 are the most popular film developers in the world, and have been for years, although always supplied as a powder. For those who prefer a liquid concentrate developer, there is also plenty to choose from, inlcuding Ilfosol 3 and Fotospeed FD10. For convenience and ease of use, we recommend liquid concentrates as they are "One-Shot" - you dilute, develop and then throw away - easy.

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Ilford ID11 1L
Popular fine grain developer
Ilford ID11 5L
Popular fine grain developer
Ultra Fine Grain developer.
Ilford Ilfosol 3
A popular one-shot developer.
Excellent developer, especially for Delta films.
Ilford ILFOTEC HC Developer 1L
Very versatile. Used at high dilutions.
Ilford ILFOTEC LC29 500ml
A similar developer to HC, more concentrated.
ADOX Atomal 49 1L
Ultra fine grain developer
ADOX Atomal 49 5L
Ultra fine grain developer
Kodak D76 1L
Best seller worldwide
Kodak D76 3.8L (1 US gal.)
Best seller worldwide
Kodak XTOL 5L
State of the art film developer
Kodak HC110 1L
Highly concentrated and active
Kodak T-Max Developer 1L
An excellent all rounder, for all B&W films.
Tetenal Ultrafin regular 1L
Excellent all rounder
Fotospeed FD10 250ml
Easy to use all rounder
Fotospeed FD10 1L
Easy to use all rounder
Fotospeed FD10 5L
Easy to use all rounder