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Enlarger Lenses

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A very important decision in photography is always lens quality - whether we are talking about camera lenses or enlarger lenses - it's always worthwhile choosing the best possible lens within your budget. Enlarger lenses are made to very exacting standards indeed and offer extremely high resolution. There are two principle manufacturers of high quality enlarger lenses: Schneider Kreuznach and Rodenstock. Both are German, and both offer uncompromised quality and precision. We have also included two budget lenses from Paterson. Made in China, these will just about satisfy the beginner, however as time progresses photographers quickly see the clear advantages of higher quality lenses. The price range of enlarger lenses is very similar to camera lenses. Remember: if you use good camera lenses, it's pointless using a poor quality enlarging lens, or an old mis-aligned second hand one.

Enlarger lens fittings: Lens fittings have been standardised for years and most enlargers have the same screw mount.