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Enlarger Bulbs

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There are many different enlarger bulbs / lamps - please contact us if you can't see what you need of if you have any questions as we can usually source almost any specialist bulb/lamp.

The most important issues when identifying which bulb you require are 1. The Wattage; 2. The Voltage; and 3. The fitting. Often the codes assigned to the bulbs are misleading.
150W 240V Enlarger Bulb P3/4 ES
Common in larger Condenser enlargers
75W 240V Enlarger Bulb P3/3 ES
Common in traditional Condenser enlargers
75W 240V Enlarger Bulb MINI PH1400
Minature version of the traditional 75w240V bulb
12v 100w GZ6.35 EFP
Many colour & VC heads use this
24v 250w ELC
De Vere Dichromat
120V 300W ELH
De Vere Multigrade
12v 75w EFN
Alternative to Phillips 12v75w for Leitz
Phillips 13139 12v 75w GZ6.35
Original fitment for Leitz & Phillips