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Ag COMPLETE B/W Film Processing Kit

Absolutely all you need - inc. film scanner
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The COMPLETE Film processing kit. Exclusive and only available at Ag!
Everything you need to process and then scan your black and white film so you can view, edit and distribute your results! Easy to understand instructions included. Enough chemistry to process many films.

Included in the Ag Complete Film Processing Kit:
Reflecta Film Scanner and image software
Tetenal Paranol S Film Developer
Tetenal Indicet Stop Bath
Tetenal Superfix Plus Fixer
Tetenal Mirasol wetting agent
2 x 500ml top quality (UK made) graduated measuring mixing Jugs
Measuring Syringe to accurately measure the chemical concentrates
Film drying clips (one weighted)
Roll of ILFORD DELTA 400 Pro 35mm black and white film
35mm Processing Tank
Changing bag for loading film into tank
Detailed easy to understand instructions

Technical information
Reflecta Scanner
Film Type: Strips of 35mm film & mounted 35mm slides Scans Negative or Positive. Colour or Black & White Fast scanning speeds Integrated 2.4" screen Powers via USB 5mp CMOS sensor Colour Depth: 24 Bit Automatic white balance Interface: USB 2.0 2 Year limited warranty
System Requirements (PC): Windows XP with Service Pack 2, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32+ 64 Bit)
System Requirements (Mac): ac 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9

Tetenal Paranol S Film Developer 250ml - Will process up to 41 35mm films when used at 1:50! This is a very old developer formulation known as Rodinal, in production originally by Agfa since 1898. Has excellent shelf life (takes years to go off) and normally used at very high dilutions - 1 part to 25 or 50 parts water is normal. So it's very economical. Negatives display extreme sharpness and this is one of the features of this developer (it's known as a "high acutance" developer). When looking up development times for different black and white films, follow times for Rodinal.
Tetenal Indicet Stop Bath 1L - Straight forward stop bath, used after film developer. Has indicator - changes colour when over saturated with developer. This bottle will last for ages when used to full capacity. Excellent shelf life, never really goes off.
Tetenal Superfix Plus 250ml - Standard fixer. May be re-used after dilution. Excellent shelf life.
Tetenal Mirasol 250ml - This is a wetting agent. Add a few drops to the final rinse and it reduces the surface tension of the water and helps it to "fall off" the film and not hang in globules which can evaporate leaving marks on the film. Also has anti fungal agents. Excellent shelf life, lasts for years, treats 100's of films from one bottle.

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