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Adox CMS 20

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No other film is sharper, or more finegrained. No other film resolves more lines per mm (up to 800 l /mm)! If used in pictorial photography the film achieves 20 ASA of usable speed in ADOTECH developer. If used for high contrast purposes the usable speed increases to 80 ASA. If developed in non dedicated low contrast developers (HC 110, cafenol etc) it can be exposed at 6-12 ASA. The film achieves grain free enlargements of up to 2,5 meters diagonally, which equals, mathematically, about 500 Megapixels, the special monodisperse ultra high resolution emulsion of the film making this possible. The AHU anti halation layer in between the emulsion and base material guarantees sharpness yet preventing any halation effect and the ADOTECH developer brings perfect halftones and increases the speed to 20 ASA, creating images no one would possibly believe to have been made with a 35mm camera. ADOX CMS 20 has an orthopanchromatic sensitization which differentiates perfectly between colors. No green filter is necessary in portrait photography. The film´s base is totally transparent making it theoretically possible to reverse it and use it as an ultrahighresolution slide film with extreme projecting possibilities.

PLEASE NOTE: if using our lab service for processing, CMS20 cannot be treated as a conventional B/W film, as results when developed in minilab B/W chemistry are far too contrasty to be of any use. Refer to the CMS20 option in the Specialist section of our lab site instead, as the only way to achieve continuous tones is to hand-process the film in its own dedicated developer.