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ADOX offers a range of Black and White photo papers.
Monochrome papers are at the more specialist end of the analogue photographic market (although we're hoping that more of those new to analogue will start to try black and white printing) and consequently, stock turn and availability from the manufacturer is problematic with the Adox range. The challenge is that, when manufacturing sensitised materials (film or paper), there is a critical mass required in order to justify a production run, and this critical mass is very large in the face of a specialist, slow moving, market and with enormous up front costs for the manufacturer (purchase of base material, emulsion etc etc). As the finished product is slow moving, that is a lot of cash tied up on the shelves. Compounding this problem for Adox is the ready availability of Ilford branded papers. Consequently availability of Adox paper is unpredictable and a challenge for us as a retailer.

We therefore obtain Adox papers to order - please contact us if you are interested. Prices shown on our website are subject to change depending on the manufacturer.


The company is continually active in researching and bringing to market new and innovative products and this is demonstrated by the release of new papers such as MCP and MCC. It is easy to understand why Adox products have generated a loyal following in such a short space of time.