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Acufine, 1 US Gal. / 3.8L

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Acufine is a superb developer offering high acutance and ultra fine grain together with higher than average emulsion speed, but with the best possible negative quality. As with virtually all B&W developers, you can develop any B&W film in Acufine, but it is parcicularly effective with the latest emulsions such as Kodak T-Max and Ilford Delta. However, don't let that put you of trying it with more traditional B&W films like HP5 or Tri-X or the likes of Fomapan.

Dissolve whole contents (do not split powder as this may cause inaccurate distribution of the components in the powder mix) as per the instructions to make 1 US Gal / 3.8 Litres of working solution. This is not a "One-Shot" developer - after use it may be used again to process more film, but development time increased by approximately 10-20%, or as per your own experimentation. For example, use 300ml of solution to process 1 film in a Paterson tank. That 300ml can be then used again, but with extended time to process another film, or decant into separate "in use" bottle for future use. Use within 1 month when kept in full, tightly closed containers.

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